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Our story


Rita Van Heddegem

"I'm not afraid to think outside the box, I love experimenting with different materials, shapes and colors until my vision is fulfilled," says Rita. Eye-catching designs and fashion have always been my passion. She studied leather working and designed a number of prototypes of handbags with bold patterns and contrasting colors. That’s how the first Adrienne Fort signature collection was born.

 A nod
to the 1930s

The brand’s name was not chosen by accident, but actually an ode to someone very special to Rita. The fabrics used and designs captured brim with nods to the 1930s, and her very own grandmother, Adrienne Fort. "She lived through that period, was a very good seamstress and played an important role in my life. In this way, I breathe new life into fond memories and follow her motto that passion will find a way sooner or later when it is big enough," says Rita referring to her grandmother.

Adrienne Fort 2021 012.jpg
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