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Exclusive handbags and interior


Adrienne Fort is a distinctive designer label made up of exclusive handbags and unique home accessories. Rita Van Heddegem traditionally hand weaves and crafts each design piece by piece in Belgium. The piece-uniques are all tan leather-finished in an animal and labor friendly environment. The beautiful combination of woven fabric and a matching leather finish make every piece abstract.

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"Adrienne Fort refers to my grandmother. I breathe new life into beautiful memories and follow her motto that passion eventually finds a way when it's big enough."

- Rita Van Heddegem-


The interior of Adrienne Fort

Adrienne Fort offers a wide range of exclusive especial home accessories, all with distinct design yet extremely functional. 

You can discover these exclusive home collections at her showroom in Anzegem. In the showroom, you can touch and feel the fabrics all while admiring the new line. Rita will gladly give interior design advice to you, and you can also learn more about customization if that is something that you are interested in. 

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