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Adrienne Fort's signature handbags are finished to perfection. The outside is finished in velour and the inside in real quality leather.

"At the weaving mill GG Delabie, I discovered exclusive, high-quality and durable fabrics based from natural yarns, which are woven in two levels using special weaving techniques, thus obtaining the authentic hand-woven velour effect. This is not done digitally, but on traditional looms, where handwork, insight and craftsmanship are still a priority. I wanted to work with that 'Flemish heritage' for a contemporary modern and unique design."


This is the first collection of these handbags by talented designer Rita Van Heddegem.

An exclusive handmade handbag is something you should feel, smell and above all, try on. When you feel the softness of the velvet, see the color palette and notice the exclusive character. That's when you know it’s an Adrienne Fort.

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